Our Policy

We are pleased to announce the launch in March 2023 of Family Financial Support scheme. It aims to help parents of our Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who might be struggling to pay their subscription (subs) charges or buy Uniform. We hope that this will make it easier for people to access help and ensure their young people have an equally great scouting experience. If you have any suggestions or want to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact: [email protected].  

To apply, please click here to complete our application form.  Please rest assured that this is a confidential process and if you have any questions then just let us know.  Once we have received your completed form we will contact you to request proof of eligibility to the scheme. 


Our Family Financial Support scheme has been developed to enable young people to access Scouting and its associated activities where financial hardship would otherwise be a barrier. 


The Executive Committee will periodically appeal for donations to be set aside for the scheme. Each year a certain amount will be made available based on the level of donations. This amount will be decided at the first Exec group meeting in the financial year. Total awards cannot be made in excess of this amount. At the end of the Financial Year any unspent money will be returned to the pot and carried over to the next year. 

The Family Financial Support scheme will be available to assist with the cost of termly subscriptions and the purchase of uniform upon joining a section. 


All applications to the Hardship Fund must be submitted using our web form by clicking here.  Once received, applications will be considered by The Family Financial Support Committee, comprising The Group Treasurer and Financial Support Officer and one other member of The Executive Committee. Applications can be made at any time of year. 


Priority will be given to those families in receipt of pupil premium. However, applications are considered from families who are not in receipt of government funding, but who find themselves in need of assistance. 


Evidence of the need for support will need to be provided to support an application, such as a letter from the school mentioning receipt of pupil premium funds concerning the young person applied for. In making awards, priority will be given to those young people in receipt of pupil premium. Awards will be made on a case-by-case basis, where there are sufficient funds available. 

Awards towards subscription costs will be made in part, with some match funding being required from parents and carers. 

Amounts awarded may vary, and will cover up to 50% of the termly Subs and 50% of the cost of new uniform if 2nd Hand stock is not available, (dependent on the funds available). Should the application be successful the applicant will be notified of the award made and any outstanding subs to pay. 

If successful then a percentage of Subs will be paid directly to the section involved, (Squirrels / Beavers / Cubs / Scouts) and 50% of Uniform purchases will be paid directly to Exeter Scout and Guide shop with the balance being paid by you.   The Group Treasurer will be responsible for the administering of awards. 


Applications will be processed in line with our GDPR policy and in recognition of the sensitive nature of the information being collected.  Our GDPR Privacy policy can be viewed here: